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Heritage Men

Heritage Men

Heritage Men exists for two main purposes:
1.      To promote growth, openness and transparency between men. Our desire is to build character through accountability and integrity. We seek to provide the environment, training and equipping for the development these.

2.      To reach out to those men who have not put their trust in Jesus Christ – striving to share the gospel with them in a real and authentic way.

Heritage Men  get together at Breakfasts, Conferences, outings and social events.

. We believe Edwin Louis Cole is absolutely correct in stating that “Being a male is a matter of birth but being a Man is a matter of choice”. Males feel, act, then think while ‘Real Men’ think, act, then feel; their lives are established on the understanding that being popular is not always right and being right is not always popular. However, as men we need to choose and act right always.
. We believe a man’s attitude is based upon his believing and that a good attitude in a right belief will bring its own reward to life.
. We believe all men are capable of greatness and that greatness is grown through character and then outworked in ability. Greatness is not identified by no failure but by the ability to rise again having learned to overcome through the experience.
. We believe great men are gentlemen.

“Wise men love to be instructed but self confident fools fall flat on their face.”  (Edwin Louis Cole) …In all areas of life: work, home and spiritual.

For more information regarding Heritage Men, contact Ps Errol Buckle at church on (07)4153 1649 or at